Light tomorrow with today

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.


  1. To maintain the harmony at any residential area by settling down their problems and disputes at village only.
  2. To lessen the burden on the judiciary.
  3. To highlight the value and importance of communication in the field of social harmony and peace.
  4. To pave the path of development of the village by solving disputes.
  5. To acquaint the students with judicial proceedings, hearing sessions and to make them learn how to take decisions in the interest of justice.
  6. To make the students familiar with Indian constitution and legislative system.

The Context

Communication plays a key role in the development of an individual, society and nation. Any dispute, disagreement and even war can be stopped with the help of communication.  When communication is made, then only there is a possibility to discover the interest of both the sides. Communication also provides scope for quick solution and satisfaction of both the parties. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to make the litigants sides talk. Then there arises the need of mediation and arbitration. Since mediation has gained popularity as a less antagonistic method of settling down disputes than litigations, the institution took a note of importance of communication, mediation and arbitration. And keeping this view in mind Kalyan College, Sector-7, Bhilai established a Sulah Kendra (Reconciliation Center) at village Ghughsidih, Durg (C.G.).

The Practice

Kalyan College, Sector-7, Bhilai established a Sulah Kendra (Reconciliation Center) at village Ghughsidih, Durg (C.G.) to help the people of nearby villages to resolve their disputes and problems in the village only.

Ghughsih had become a village where the most of the residents had disputes with other and the entire atmosphere and harmony of the village was in shambles. Most of the residents were involved in litigation and had become burdens on the already burdened judiciary system of our country. Such a wrong view of the people in the village was also playing a negative role as it stood strongly on the way of the development of the village in general and the individuals residing their in particular. These disputes were also restricting the people of the village from improving economically. Kalyan College, Bhilai through its NSS Wing approached the people of the village and motivated the people to solve their problems with the help of communication. In this regard, in the presence of the esteemed judges of Hon’ble District and Sessions Court, Durg (C.G.) 28 cases have been disposed off at Ghughsidih Village. The village has been declared as ‘Vivad Rahit Gram’ (Dispute Free Village). In the subsequent year, another special camp was organized on 10/12/2011, nearby 11 villages namely Ghughsidih, Khopli, Machandur, Katro, Dhourabhatha, Risama, Borigarka, Matwari, Chirpoti, Tamora and Sirri participated and the respective heads (Sarpanch) of these villages avowed that instead approaching and engaging the court of law and police, the disputes would be settled down and disposed of in the village only and in all the 11 villages, the people who have high social respect and undisputable social and family background are given the responsibility to conduct the Sulah Kendra. On every Sunday the Sulah Kendra takes a meeting at 11:00 A.M. in village Ghughsidih and in the meeting the reported cases and disputes are solved by the Kendra.

To bring about legal awareness into the people of the village, a camp was organized from 08/12/2015 to 14/12/2015 at Village Ghughsidih and from 08/12/2016 to 14/12/2016 at Village Pandar.

Till date, 243 cases have been registered and 170 cases are disposed off and the rest are pending.

India is a country of villages, when villages would grow, the nation will also develop. By establishing this Kendra, the institute is trying to increase harmony, unity, equality and peace among the citizens.

Evidence of Success

The Sulah Kendra established by the institute made a remarkable effort in the field of mediation and arbitration and it has been doing well in the favour of the people and in the interest of justice since its establishment. The Kendra targeted at making the above named villages ‘Vivad Rahit (Dispute free)’ and now the village Ghughsidih has been declared as ‘Vivad Rahit Gram’ (Dispute Free Village) which itself tells the tale of success of the Kendra. On 9th December, 2016 the Hon’ble Secretary of Jila Seva Pradhikaran Mr. Digvijay Singh attended the camp organized by the institute at village Pandar, Block-Patan, Distt. Durg. It was a camp to raise legal awareness in the villagers where he intimated about ‘Legal Aid’ and appreciated the efforts made by the NSS wing of the institute. He also defined the step taken by the institute as a ‘Mile Stone’ for the entire nation. The Kendra maintains a record of all the cases registered there which is also the evidence of its success. The record is an exhibit of the cases registered in the Kendra and their disposal. Newspaper cuttings are also part of the record.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

It was a gigantic challenge to bring the people of the above named villages on one platform so that they could see the scope of getting their disputes resolved and justice found. There are varied reasons of the non-participation of the villagers in the Kendra. The first and biggest problem is illiteracy which restrains the villagers to come and put their problems before the Kendra. Unawareness is another major problem which holds its head high. The institute has been trying its best to make the people aware of the necessity and the subsequent benefits of this Kendra. Though a lot has already been done, a lot more is yet to be done.


1.      To avail free of cost medical facility for the benefit of the poor local residents around the college including college students, staff and others.

2.      To provide free of cost medical advice, treatment, medicines etc.

3.      To encourage use of alternative medicines in place of allopathic medicines in some specific diseases and problems to achieve faster relief and to eradicate the diseases.

The Context

The college wishes that the local community, students, staff members should be free from illness and should not be deprived of consultancy and medicine due to lack of money. Students also face financial hardship during their stay in the college. Class-4 staff of the institute and many students of the college belong to the low-income group; hence it becomes very difficult for them to get medical consultancy and treatment. Looking to the fact that many people of the poor crust of the society avoid going to consult a doctor in connection to their diseases, ailments and illness and suffer permanently due to illness for want of treatment and medicines, the college formed Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra. Every day from 5.30 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. this Kendra is open to all in which free of cost medical service are made available to people.

The Practice                        

Over the years, through various means of information, the institute experienced and understood that the community residing around the college was not able to look after their health for want of money. The institute felt the need of providing a service free of cost to the people so that they can get rid of their physical illness and disease and can have a healthy life. Initially, when the institute started this practice in the year 1981, physicians from Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai used to visit Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra only once in a week. It was felt that either the number of days or number of visits should be increased. Hence, from 24/09/1996, the physicians started visiting the Kendra twice in a week. This practice is undertaken with the purpose of social service. The medical practitioners, who are working at the center, are all eminent in their respective fields and hence their service is valuable to the Kendra. The people are being benefitted free of cost which is the biggest success of the Kendra. In this way, the college keeps its name ‘Kalyan’.

This center is looked after by prestigious medical practitioners in different sectors of medical services such as gynecology, pediatrics, Neurology, Naturopathy, Acupressure etc. some important medical practitioners’ names are as under: –

Dr. S. K. Tamer – Neurologist, Ex-Joint Director, J.L.N. Hospital, Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. T. K. Pandey – General Practitioner, J.L.N. Hospital, Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Kirolikar – Chest & Lungs Specialist, J.L.N. Hospital, Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Ganvir – Pediatrics, J.L.N. Hospital Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Sharda – Gynecologist, J.L.N. Hospital Sector-9, Bhilai

Dr. Pramod Namdev – Naturopathy, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai

Dr. S. P. Goswami – Ayurveda

The above named physicians attend upon the patients turn by turn among which Dr. S. P. Goswami is the In-charge of this Sewa Kendra. Everyday 25-30 patients are treated and benefitted. Apart from it, Gomutra Salahkar Shri Achaldas Parakh and Dr. Shejekar, Acupressure Specialists have also served the Kendra. Chumbakiya Chititka has also been made available at the center. NCC and NSS camps are organized time to time at different places where the students of the college motivate the local residents to take the benefit of the camp and intimate them about Kalyan Rog Nidan, Anusandhan Kendra so that they can visit the Kendra at the time of their need. In this way, the institute continuously attempts to instill social, cultural and traditional values not only in the students but also in the people who visit the Kendra.

Evidence of Success

Serving the mankind has been the principal motive of this practice. Keeping this in view, Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra has been started. The practice initially targeted at the availability of the specialist physicians and the target has been achieved successfully. A record of the same is being maintained which is evident of the availability of specialist physicians, who attend upon the patients on first Saturday of every month. Simultaneously, special guest specialist physicians are also invited time to time to cater the need of the patients. There is also an advisory panel of physicians who advice and help the patients according to their need. Likewise, year-wise record of the patients benefitted at Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra is also being maintained which shows that the institute has left no stone unturned in this endeavour. In order to involve and include the local community in Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra, the institute provisions that any person can dedicate medical help to the general folk in memory of the deceased members of his family by paying subscription fee of Rs. 1001/-. Upto now, 54 persons have donated and contributed to the smooth conduct of Kalyan Rog Nidan Awam Anusandhan Kendra.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The institute does not have any fund to run this Kendra. So, the institute faces a lot of hardships in running this, Kendra. So the institute sought for the potential donors who are ready to serve the mankind. Late B.R. Jain and Shri D. M. Porwal have been the donors-in-chief who helped the Kendra financially to run and to continue on the path of service. Simultaneously, the institute encourages students to donate unused medicines under the expiry date, so that it can be used by the patients visiting the Kendra.


For the collective welfare of the professors and Employees of kalyan P.G. College. Bhilai ‘Klayan Kosh’ is formed which is a non-government, self financial protection to its members and to inspire and encourage for welfare works. It was established on 1St July 1981  by the then professors and employees. At the time of establishment the principal of the college, all professors under grant and all regular class III and class IV employees were the members of ‘ Kalyan Kosh Scheme’ but under Kalyan Kosh from 1St July 2015 all 27 professors of the college under Statue 28 are also included. Hence at present there are 78 total members of ‘Kalyan Kosh’ out of which 30 are under grant professors, 27 under Statue 28 Professors, 6 Class III and 15 under Statue employees are included.

For the successful conduct of ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ “Kalyan Kosh Niyamavali” ( Constitution) is formed on the basis of which the Kosh is conducted successfully and the time to time amendment and changes ate also made. Recently on 1St July 2015 amendment and changes has been made in the constitution of the general body meeting on 25th Nov.2015. The Kosh is conducted by the monthly contribution of all the members. For this from the professors Rs 250, from III employees Rs 125 and form class IV employees Rs 75 monthly is taken. The entire amount of the Kosh deposited in a Nationalized Bank, Withdrawal deposit and interest etc. Issued are time to time appraised according to the need.

Since the establishment of the ‘ Kalyan Kosh ‘ till now total 55 members (27 professors and 28 employee – members) have got retired to whom approximately an amount of Rs 48-50 lakhs has been finally paid in form of final settlement where as at present the ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ has a fixed deposit of Rs 15 lakh, and for day to day expensed rupees 2 lakh is deposited in the saving account of the Kosh.

There is a provision of providing loan according to the  ‘ Kalyan Kosh Loan Scheme’ to its members at the time of need. Under this loan of Rs 50,000 to the professors, of Rs 15000 to class IV employees is provide. The recovery of which is made through their monthly salary in 30 equal installments . At present an amount of more than 5 lakh Rs has been provided as loan. Under a Special Scheme of Kalyan Kosh “Kalyan Anudan” at the moment of casual death of any member (Professor of employee) an amount of Rs 15000 is provided to the family of the deceased member as financial help. Under this by up to now one professor and one employee has been given benefit of this Scheme.

 According to the constitution of the Kalyan Kosh Principal is the president of the Kosh. For all the works of the Kosh there is a provision nomination or electing a professor under grant as secretary or treasurer. There is an ‘ Advisory committee’ for the decision related to policies of the Kosh, in which one senior professor, one professor under Statue  28 and one employee form class III or class IV is made members . Hence and ‘Advisory Committee’ of five members is always working for the development and expansion of the Kosh. The saving account of the ‘Kalyan Kosh’ is operated by the joint head clerk of the college who represents the class III and class IV employees.                                              


Foundation: 01 July 1981


(Accepted and in effect form 1st  July 2015 and approved  by general body on 5th Nov. 2015)


Sector- 7, Bhilai Nagar

District- DURG (Chhattisgarh)



It will be known as ‘ Kalyan Kosh’ Kalyan P.G. College Bhilai Nager and its office will be in the college. It’s Foundation day will be considered as 1st considered as 1st  July 1981.


The aim of Kalyan Kosh is to provide economical protection to its members and to motivate them for welfare work.


(a) Principal, Professors (Appointed under grant 2 Statue 28 ) and all the permanent employees of Kalyan P. G. College will be the members of Kalyan Kosh.

(b) The Retired, Adhoc and par time professors/ Employees cannot be the member of Kalyan Kosh.

(c) The membership of the members will be till the date of their retirement or till the time they ore permanent employee / professor of the college.


(a)  Fund will be raised by the contribution amount of the members.

(b) Deduction of contribution will be done from their salary.

(c)  Contribution amount will be as follows:

(i) Principal and professors – 250/- per month.
(ii) Class III employees – 125/- per month.
(iii) Class IV employees – 75/- per month.


The amount of kalyan kosh will be deposited in a Nationalised Bank and it will be operated by the signature of the post holders, mentioned below:

(a)  Principal of the Kalyan P. G. College.

(b) An Elected or Nominated Secretary / Treasurer by the professors.

(c)  Head clerk of the college.


(1) For the management of fund, a managing and executive committee will be formed.

(2) The selection of post holders (Except president) will be done by the way of nomination or election by the members of the committee.

(3) There will be five post holders in the committee:

(a) The Principal will be the president of the managing committee.

(b) Secretary will be secretary cum Treasurer.

(c) There will be two professor representatives, in the committee, one from the grant professors and another form the Statue 28 professors.

(d) One representative will be from class III or class IV employees.


(a)  The working tenure of the managing committee will be of 3 Years.

(b) After the approval from general body meeting, tenure of the committee can be increased.


(1) 15,000 rupees will be immediately given as economical help on casual death of any member of the committee in the form of kalyan Anudan by the Kalyan Kosh.

(2) Except this, any other help will not be allowed to any member.


 (a) Every  member who has completed  minimum 5 Years of regular service      in the college and has paid off his loan  completely earlier taken, would be eligible for the loan from the kalyan kosh.

(b) After the approval of the managing committee on the basis of the application of the applicant member, loan will be sanctioned according to the following criteria:

(i) Rs 50,000/- for professors.

(ii) Rs 25000/- for class III employees.

(iii)Rs 15000/- for class IV employees.


(1) For the repay of the loan issued to the member, amount will be deducted from the next month of the loan provided.

(2) The repay to the loan will be done in 30 equal installments out of which 25 installments will be of the original amount and 5 installments in form of internet.

(3) The repay of the loan can be done before the due time by any member but would have to pay entire amount interest.

(4) The installments for the repay of the loan will be on the following basis:

(a) Professor – 2000/- per month.

(b) Class III employee – 1000/- per month.

(c) Class IV employee – 600/- per month.


(a) If any member gets retired terminated from service, dies or resigns before completing 7 years of membership then be will give double of the amount has contributed.

(b) Professors or employees who have completed more than 7 Years of service will be give amount equal to the amount of their salary of 8 days in a month.

(c)  The calculation of the basic salary (last 3 Years 01 service ) based on 5th pay commission.

(d) The basic salary of the 5th pay commission will be as follows :-

(i) Professor – 12000-420-18300

(ii) Lab Technician  – 5000-150-8000

(iii) Head clerk – 4500-125-7000

(iv) Class III employee – 4000-100-6000

(v) Lab Attendant – 3500-80-4700-100-5200

(vi) Class IV employee – 3050-75-3900-80-4590


(i) The meeting of the managing & executive committee of the kosh will be held in every three months and the general body meeting will be held attest once in a year.

(ii) The Principal would preside the meeting of the general body.

(iii) The quorum of the general body will be one third of the total no of members.

(iv) Any ‘Resolution’ can be passed through a special proposal in the general body meeting.

(v)  It polling is required for any Resolution then polling will be done in a classified polling system.

(vi) Any Amendment in the rules and regulation will be accepted only if polled in the general body meeting.

(vii) Apart from this of any important work is there, then the secretary can call for an executive committee meeting and general body meeting at anytime.


(i) The internal annual audit of the kosh will be presented by the secretary every year in the general body meeting in april on a convenient day.

(ii) It the members are not satisfied with the internal audit report, then external audit can be made alone by an CA Affiliated.


If any dispute arises in any matter of the kosh, then it would be settled by the nominated /elected judges, and the decision of the judges would be final and acceptable.

15. F.D. OF KOSH

For the future accretion of the Kosh, investment will be done only in the form of FD. Apart from it for any decision the approval of general body meeting would be compulsory.


In future, if any situation arises compulsive to dissolve the kosh, then total amount of the kosh will be divided among the professors, class III, class IV employees in the ratio of 10:5:3 respectively on the basis of their work tenure. Apart from the above mentioned subjects. The right of making other decisions on any other subjects of issues will be in the hands of general body meeting.


Objectives of the Practice

The objective of this practice is to serve the community without any discrimination by helping every member associated to the Yojna who are in any sort of financial need. The Yojna aims at uplifting the life standard of the members. This is done by providing financial help to them so that they can render quality higher education to their children, to meet casual expenses, medical treatment of family members, and renovation of house, purchase of land, agricultural reason, and marriage of the member and to raise their social reputation.

The Context

The employees of the institute face financial problems from time to time. They are unsure about meeting the daily or casual needs of the household. On the other hand, they are reluctant to borrow money from bank in form of loan or from moneylenders. Hence there was need to establish such a benevolent scheme which could help its members at the time of dire need and urgency.

The Practice

Sadasya Sahayata Yojna was started in the year 1980 with the main objective of the welfare of the members of the college and to serve the humanity without any discrimination, to help members who are in financial need. The members include teaching, non-teaching staff and members of management. The expenditure regarding this plan is supported by members and no other body is involved. This has been inspirational for nation as well as for entire Chhattisgarh. At present, there are 203 members in which 59 members are employees of the college. There are 25 members from Chhattisgarh Kalyan Samiti, 27 members from Aheri Education College and 92 other members. At present the amount for this purpose has reached almost Rs. 13,60,201=00. The members obtain loan from the Yojna @ 1% interest. This has proved to be beneficial for members and save them from financial loss. Thus the members who are in dire and urgent need of financial help get benefitted by the Yojna.

Evidence of Success

The Yojna has proved to be comprehensively successful. The objective and target of the Yojna has been largely achieved and evidence may be found in the number of members of the Yojna and their family members involved in it. There are 203 members in which only 59 members are employees of the college. There are 25 members from Chhattisgarh Kalyan Samiti, 27 members from Aheri Education College and 92 other members. The number of members of the Yojna is increasing every year. This is clearly evident that the Yojna has played an important role in the life of the members of the Yojna regarding their financial needs and by catering this need; it has proved to be exercisable in other institutes also.

 Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The fund of the Yojna, sometimes, is not able to cater the need of more than two or three members at a time. This is a major problem before the Yojna.

KALASAMAGAM – A registered cultural body for students

Registration No. – Durg/ P.K./ 31335

In charge – Dr. Manimekhla Shukla



S.No. Date Programmes Participants
 1. 18 Jan’ 2017 Vivekanand College Students long with community members.
 2. 26 Oct’ 2017 Pratibha
 3. 3 Oct’  2016 Cultural
 4. 1-7 Jan’ 2016 Workshop on folk Music (Sua, Dadaria, karma etc.)


1. Parsa ke phool
2. Miti Ki sewa
3. Surchetra Bhag-1
4. Vandana

1. Parsa ke Phool (Published by Vaibhaw Prakashan)

Cultural Committee Functional in the college its members changes every year.



It is well known that Health is Wealth. The world today is facing new types of diseases. Each day is a new challenge for the physicians and patients to recover health in all respects. In this connection, Nature is our best friend which can really help the ailing people and those who want rapid health recovery. Jawara Ras is well known as Green Blood throughout the world which is consumed for fast health recovery. It is also helpful in maintain good health and strong immune. The objective of this practice is to prevent various diseases through natural therapy.

 The Context

The world encounters new types of diseases from time to time. It is not easy to make and maintain good health. There are people who like to take help of natural sources to maintain good health. Jawara Ras is one of these sources and keeping this in view, Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has been established in the institute.

 The Practice

Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has been established in the institute on 25th July 2007 to prevent various diseases through natural therapy. The aim behind it is to serve the society. Jawara Ras is rightly said to be Green Blood consuming which good health and immune can be maintained. It has now been proved that Jawara Ras contains lots of properties in it. It has Vitamin A, B, C, E, Minerals, Nutrients, Chlorophyll and digestive constituents. All these constituents help to increase the immunity of person. These properties help in prevention and cure of number of diseases and disorder including cardiac diseases and diabetes. 1 Litre of Jawara Ras contains nutrients of 24 Kg of vegetables. Thus keeping in view the benefits of Jawara Ras and sprouted grains, Kalyan P.G. College took initiative to start a centre making available Jawara Ras and sprouted grains to the natives of Bhilai and nearby areas. The cultivation of wheat and other grains for Jawara Ras is done in the area provided by the Kalyan P.G. College which is also created in the campus. After all a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

 Evidence of Success

The Jawara Ras and Sprout Centre has proved to be comprehensively successful. The objective and target of the centre has been largely achieved and evidence may be found in the registered being maintained by the centre. The centre provides service to minimum 20 to 25 people daily and hence have been beneficial and helpful to people to maintain a healthy and fit life style. It is well known that ‘Health is Wealth’, so keeping this view, the centre has been playing significant role in the lives of its beneficiaries. It has proved to be exercisable in other institutes also.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The fund of the Centre, sometimes, is not able to cater the need of people. This is a major problem before the Yojna.


  1. To provide quality training and opportunities to students, local talents and poor students and to encourage them to seek career in cricket.
  2. To develop required skills for sports especially cricket.
  3. To improve cricket culture in Bhilai.

It was established in the year 1st September 1991 following are the founding members:
Dr. A. R. Verma (Principal)
Prof P. S. Sharma (Vice President, Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh)
Prof. Amrik Singh (Sports Officer, Kalyan P. G. College)
Shri Rajesh Chouhan (Ex Indian Test Cricket Player)
Shri Gopal Rao (Ex Ranji Cricket Player)
Shri Vineet Rao (Ex Ranji Cricket Player)

For overall development of students, the college has been taking many initiatives. Sports is very essential for every human life which keep them fit, fine and physical strength. It has great importance in each stage of life. The student like is very important, sports improve the personality of students. The institution has focused towards this. The college has a big and lush green play ground. The area of ground is more than 1 ½ acres. A Badminton Court, Football ground, Kho–Kho ground, Basket ball and Cricket ground all available here. Athletics Track is also there.

For providing good coaching in Cricket, the college has signed collaboration with [MOU] Chouhan Academy. This Cricket academy is run by Shri Rajesh Chouhan. He had been the test Cricket player of Indian Cricket Team as well as alumni of this college. The coaching is provided by very good coaches. The cricket team of Kalyan P.G. College has been winner for many years in inter college tournament in Cricket and it has been the Champion for many years. For college Football team. One individual coach has been appointed Mr. Jilani the college provide full kits to the players.

It is proud to mention that in Chhattisgarh State Cricket Team under 19 and senior, half of the player in any format are from Kalyan College. There is a fully equipped gymnasium in college campus. It has been furnished and equipped for boys and girls separately. It is the distinctive festive of our college that the equipped gym facilitates the fitness to the students so that the students associated with this academy score good results in every sports competition.

Coaches and Renowed Visitors
Cricket coaching is provided by Shri Rajesh Chouhan of Chouhan Cricket Academy and coaches of Chhattisgarh state cricket Sangh (CSCS). Training is provided daily. The renowed visitors in college under this academy are Shri Anil Kumble, Shri Zaheer Khan, Shri Salil Ankola, Shri Vinod Kambli, Shri Mohd. Kaif.

The college has 3 match turf wickets, 2 practice turf wicket and one cement wicket Cricket with all alternative arrangements. The turf wickets are not available in any other colleges of Chhattisgarh.

Not only this in Indian Cricket Tournament National level, the players of Kalyan College Participated in Dilip Trophy, Deodher Trophy, Irani Trophy and Viji Trophy.

Kalyan Post Graduate College is proficient in quality in studies, research, and administration in the field of Hindi, Commerce, Education, Science and Mathematics in the college. Research centers are running for Ph.D. Our college is the largest research center of Chhattisgarh state has affiliated with Hemchand Yadav University, Durg and Pt. Ravishankar University, Raipur.

More than 120 research students are registered in the Faculty of Education alone, about a 100 research scholars are registered for Ph.D. in various faculties in the college. There are 26 Professors who guides Ph.D. scholars regularly in the college. Also other colleges, which do not have research centers, more than 22 professors of our college have Ph.D. Co-Guides. The regular guides of this college are also the co-guides of such external guides. Six months course-work is conducted by the research centers for the registered research students by the university, in which seminars, projects, etc. Are conducted from time to time.

National / International research centers on various burning topics Seminars and solo lectures are also organized. More than 100 research papers of research directors, various level research journals (Journals) have been published in Colleges 5 Ph.D. Guide to other universities Ph.D. There are also external examiners. The research magazine Chhattisgarh-Vivek, Shodh prakalp is regularly published by the college till date.

This magazine is acceptable in terms of Impact Factor. So far more than three hundred research papers have been published in the journal till date. Research projects sponsored by UGC,ICSSR etc.of many professors of the college have also been completed. All research-centers have their own departmental libraries and many research journals/e-journals are available in the library. In this way, this college is the best and different among more than three hundred colleges of the state due to its research activities.

The college also provides the opportunity to the students of B.Ed and M.Ed, to do small research projects while doing internship and give dissertation on the topics for the partial fulfillment and completion of their respective courses.

The Department of Physics and Electronics has been engaged in working on new innovative research projects by using modern scientific techniques since so many years. The objective of the field project is to utilise the modern innovative techniques in the day-to-day life. The following projects were made by the use of Arduino technique under the guidance of Dr. Kiran Dewangan, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg and the faculties of the Department of Physics and Electronics, Kalyan PG College in the session 2020-21. 29 students of M.Sc. had engaged in making these techniques.

  1. Automatic Water Dispenses
  2. Bidirectional Visitor and Counter
  3. Digital Notice Board
  4. Compact Mobile Charges and Solar Lamp
  5. Automatic Plant Watering System
  6. Steam Inhaler