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The institution practices a policy of decentralization of authority for efficient look over, maintenance and best utilization of its available resources. Initiatives are taken to implement all the policies. The institution has a building construction and maintenance committee to supervise the new construction and extensions needed from time to time and also for the overall infrastructural maintenance of the college.

The college has different committees which are made to look after the maintenance of garden, physical infrastructure, Internet and Wi-Fi facility, cycle stand, canteen, parking zone, hostel facilities, sports maintenance and expansion and for library facilities etc. For the maintenance and repair of computers, the college takes assistance of special technical Experts. Electrification and water supply system of the institution is being regularly monitored and maintained.

The water tanks of the college is cleaned by UV technology every year. There are e-journals and e-books facility in the library via Kopy-Kitab and N-LIST. Professor in charges deployed to look after the maintenance and repair of the physical infrastructure of the college like Gardens, canteen, sports ground, library, RO water filter maintenance, toilet, girls common room, gymnasium etc.

The college has library committee to handle the needs and supply of books which are purchased on tender basis. There is a sports committee which looks after the various procedures regarding sports like selection of players, various facilities for players, purchase of sports goods by lowest quote process. Likewise, college has framed various committees for vivid programs and functions thereby practicing the decentralization and delegation of authority. All the requirements of the college are discussed at meetings of bodies such as the GB (Governing Body) and IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell).