Decisions Determine Destiny

Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.

Kalyan Post Graduate College is proficient in quality in studies, research, and administration in the field of Hindi, Commerce, Education, Science and Mathematics in the college. Research centers are running for Ph.Ds. Our college is the largest research center of Chhattisgarh state has affiliated with Hemchand Yadav University, Durg and Pt. Ravishankar University, Raipur.

More than 120 research students are registered in the Faculty of Education alone, about a 100 research scholars are registered for Ph.D. in various faculties in the college. There are 26 Professors who guides Ph.D scholars regularly in the college. Also other colleges, which do not have research centers, more than 22 professors of our college have Ph.D Co-Guides. The regular guides of this college are also the co-guides of such external guides. Six months course-work is conducted by the research centers for the registered research students by the university, in which seminars, projects, etc. Are conducted from time to time.

National / International research centers on various burning topics Seminars and solo lectures are also organized. More than 100 research papers of research directors, various level research journals (Journals) have been published in. Colleges 5 Ph.D. Guide to other universities Ph.D. There are also external examiners. The research magazine Chhattisgarh-Vivek, Shodh prakalp is regularly published by the college till date.

This magazine is acceptable in terms of Impact Factor. So far more than three hundred research papers have been published in the journal till date. Research projects sponsored by UGC, ICSSR etc.of many professors of the college have also been completed. All research-centers have their own departmental libraries and many research journals/e-journals are available in the library. In this way, this college is the best and different among more than three hundred colleges of the state due to its research activities.

The college also provides the opportunity to the students of B.Ed and M.Ed, to do small research projects while doing internship and give dissertation on the topics for the partial fulfillment and completion of their respective courses.