Develop Critical Skills

Education helps you develop critical skills like decision-making, mental agility, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

Issuance of mark sheet

Mark Sheet will be issued when the following documents are submitted

  • Admit Card (In case the admit card is lost or misplaced, then the mark sheet will be issued after submitting a written application for the same & presenting a valid ID proof).
  • Library Clearance

Issuance of migration certificate

Students have to submit a written application for issuance of the Migration Certificate.

  • In case the admission is cancelled before the Enrollment form is submitted to the University, then the College will return the original migration certificate to the student. Otherwise, the certificate will be issued by Durg Vishwavidhyalaya, after completion of the course by the student.
  • Charges will apply for issuance of the certificate.

Refund of caution money

Application for Refund of Caution Money will be processed only after receipt of the following documents:

1. Original fee receipt depicting the payment of caution money
2. Photocopy of Transfer Certificate
3. Photocopy of Mark sheet

If the fees and other charges are not paid on time, the same shall be deducted from the caution money and only the balance amount will be refunded as the final settlement of the claim.