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Under Graduate : 1974
Post Graduate : 1986
Research Center : 1991

Dr. Pushpalata Sharma

Faculty Incharge
Department of Education

Department of Education was started in the College with the objective of imparting quality teacher-training to the students so that they can serve as teachers and contribute to the development of human resources. The College has excellent infrastructure, both academic and physical, for running this programme in a smooth and effective manner.

The curriculum is designed to achieve the following general objectives of the Programme :

  • The student teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful.
  • The student teacher understands the process of learning and development among students, different approaches to learning and creates learning opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners and learning contexts.
  • The student teacher plans learning experiences that are based on learner’s existing proficiency, interests, experiences including misconceptions and errors; and an understanding of the process of viewing, developing and making sense of subject matter contained in the learning experiences.
  • The student teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.
  • The student teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner.
  • The student teacher develops self identity as a teacher through school based experiences and reflective practices that continually evaluate the effects of his/her choices and actions.
  • The student teacher acts as an agent of modernization and social change.
    The student teacher promotes capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the Constitution of India.
  • The student teacher promotes social cohesion, international understanding and protection of Human Rights and rights of the child.
  • The student teacher will become adept in the use of ICT in the teaching-learning process.

Students Seminar

Student seminar are taken as an part of education to fulfill the basic requirement of internal assessment of PG students and also for promoting teaching ability as well as developing self confidence.


Teachers of the department are always available for personal guidance to the students especially during their seminar preparation. Both the gender avail the facilities provided in the department equally.

Extra Curricular activities

Students are encouraged to participate in all co-curricular and curricular activities. Mathematical Society of department organized various Competitive Activities like – Rangoli, Drawing, Slogan etc. and also gave Memento & Certificate to the First as well as Second winner of the each events.


Sno. Programme Medium
1 Masters of Education (M.Ed.) English, Hindi
2 Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) English, Hindi
3 PhD (Education)   

Book Details

S.No. Year Number of Books Purchased/added Total Number of Books
1. 201 5 – 2016 76 7383
2. 2016 – 2017 128 7511
3. 2017 – 2018 20 7531
4. 201  – 2019 27 7558
5. 2019 – 2020 483 8041
6. 2020 – 2021 Nil 8041

Journal Details

S.No. Year Number of Journal Purchased/added Total Number of Journals
1. 2015 7 07
2. 2016 8 05
3. 2017 10 25
4. 2018 7 32
5. 2019 16 48
6. 2020 1 27
S.No. Name of Scholar Supervisor Area of Research Year of Award
1 Rekha Sharma H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 1994
2 Damyanti Patel H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 1996
3 Reny George H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 1996
4 Bhuneshwari Verma H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 2001
5 Rakesh Tiwari H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 2009
6 Rohit Verma H. K. Pathak Fixed Point Theory 2011
7 Mandvi Mishra Dr. G. K. Goswami Certain cosmological models of the universe 2015
8 Ram Narayan Dewangan Dr. G. K. Goswam A study of some cosmological models in general relativity 2017
9 H. L. Mankar Dr. V. K. Pathak, Dr. G. K. Goswami (Co-Guide) Study of Probabilistic model and analysis of some redundant systems related to industries 2018
10 Hemant Kumar Saw Dr. V. K. Pathak, Dr. G. K. Goswami (Co-Guide) Analysis of some Reliabilty Models of Manufacturing Plant 2018
11 Meena Mishra Dr. G. K. Goswam Cosmology Ongoing
S.No. Name Qualified Exam
1 Vinay Kumar Masiyare NET(2014, 2015), SET(2013)
2 Pradeep Kumar Dadsena NET(2015)
3 Gajendra Kumar SET(2017), CGPSC AP(2019)
4 Shekhar Kanungo SET(2018)
5 Prakshi Nayak SET(2019)
S.No. Name of Student Class Event Name Position/Award Organized By
1 Monika Sahu Msc III Semester PPT Presentation on the Title “Great Indian Mathematician” (National Mathematics Day) 21/12/2021 First Hemchand Yadav University, Durg
2 Himanshu B.Sc. I Year PPT Presentation on the Title Great Indian Mathematician (National Mathematics Day) 21/12/2021 Third Hemchand Yadav University, Durg
3 Aakansha Jaiswal M.Sc. I Semester Poster Competition(National Mathematics Day) 29/12/2021 First Govt. V.Y.T P.G. Autonomous College, Durg
S.No. National Seminar/Workshop/Webinar Date Sponsored By
1 National Seminar on Emerging Areas in Pure and Applied Mathematics – UGC 25.11.2011 – 26.11.2011 UGC New Delhi
2 National Level Workshop on General Relativity and Cosmology 8.02.2016 -9.02.2016 UGC New Delh
3 National Webinar on General Relativity and Linear Algebra 28.06.2021 – 29.06.2021 Kalyan P.G. college, Bhilai
S.No. Name of Alumni Position Held Batch
1 Mrs. Alpana Tiwari Teacher at Govt. School
2 Mrs. Niharika Tiwari Teacher at Govt. School
3 Mrs. Himkiran Teacher at Govt. School 2012
4 Ms. Neha Singh Teacher at Govt. School 2012
5 Mr. Soumen Pal Teacher at Govt. School 2011
6 Ms. Nandita Gupta Assistant Professor (CGPSC)
7 Mr. Vinay Kumar Masiyare Assistant Professor (CGPSC) 2014
8 Mr. Dhaneshwer Dewangan Teacher at Govt. School 2014
9 Mr. Saheb Chandel Teacher at Govt. School
10 Mr. Surendra Teacher at Govt. School 2009
11 Gajendra Kumar Assistant Professor (CGPSC) 2016
12 Pramod sahu Teacher at Govt. School 2017
13 Reenu Chandrakar Teacher at Govt. School 2017
14 Ashish Kumar Teacher at Govt. School 2016
15 Chandrakishor Teacher at Govt. School 2016
16 Hirendra Kumar Teacher at Govt. School 2016