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Under Graduate : 1963
Post Graduate : 1981

Mr. Anurag Pandey

Department of English

The Department of English is as old as the college itself. It was established in 1961. Post Graduate (M.A. English), and Under Graduate (English Language, Functional English, English Literature) are available here. Under Graduate courses started from 1963 whereas Postgraduate course started from 1981. English Language plays a pivotal role to excel in career.

Students have been taking deep interest in these courses over the years. Efficient and experienced teachers are available for each and every subject in this Department to cater to the needs of the students. All teachers have great command over the subject. They are also friendly with the students in order to build a harmonious learning-teaching atmosphere so that students can get their queries solved with the help of teachers.

Proficiency, both written and oral in English has always been very important in life to make a bright and successful career. Keeping this in view, the Department of English has established a language lab to enhancing communication skill of students. Required useful software have been installed in the language lab for the benefit of students where teachers guide them and make them learn the essentials as well as advanced communicative skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Learning procedure is done in drill mode. Students use headphone to listen their own voice and assess themselves in order to pronounce words correctly.

It is truly said that books are the best and true friend of a person. For students, books are the treasure of knowledge. Therefore, the Department has made available a library containing more than 1,000 books in the Department where students can borrow books of their need and enrich their knowledge and skills. Books related directly to the syllabus of B.A. (English Literature), B.A. (Functional English), M.A. (English Literature) are available along with miscellaneous other books to meet the academic needs of the students.

This Department is fully dedicated to bring out the hidden talent of students. Hence, the department on not only focuses on the curricular but also pays attention on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by organizing various programmes and activities on social awareness, culture, cleanliness and health from time to time.

S.No Name 
1 Mr. Anurag Pandey
2 Mrs. Aruna Choubey
3 Mr. Ashish Shrivastava
4 Ms. Swati Chandrakar
5 Ms. Sanjana Kumari
6 Mr. Ajay Kumar Sahu
7 Ms. Poonam Sahu
8 Ms. Monika Sahu


The Department conducts seminars/ paper presentation for PG students as assessment and to encourage self-learning ability. Paper presentation increases confidence in students and also help learners to ponder deep into literature. Topics are given to the students based on their syllabus and they present their topics with their research paper. Students prepare their presentations solely by themselves under the guidance of teachers. The purpose behind such practices is to improve their method of learning by usage of ICT tools and understanding literature better. Also, it is usually felt, students after such paper reading and presentation sharpen their skills.


The English Literary Society is governed by the Department of English, Kalyan PG College, Bhilai, which was established in the year 2012. It organizes Literary Fest every year, inter-collegiate competitions too.It offers a competitive platform for the knowledge seeking students. It promises to cultivate a passion for poetry-reading, qizzing, creative writing, drama, debating and scavenger hunt among the students of literature . Society organizes Academic Competitions such as Quiz competitions and essay writing competitions to bring out their talents and also to enrich their knowledge along with motivating the students to keep on studying and learning. Some competitions like debate, in this students are required to come along with their views in order to bring awareness regarding big issues around them where as creative writing competitions enables students to increase their ability to think, creatively and imaginatively. Drama presentation helps them to improve their performance, voice modulation,proper intonation and communication skills, such competitions enable students to develop confidence to perform individually as well as in team, to work collaboratively which is a precious and important skill for their life. These competitions work as various teaching methods which helps students to improve their academic performance, communication skill and at the same time enhances their confidence.

S.No Course Class Subject Establish Year
1. Under Graduate B.A. Language
Communicate Engglish
B. Com Language
Communicate Engglish
B.C.A. Language
Communicate Engglish
B.J.M.C. Language
Communicate Engglish
2. Post Graduate M.A. English 1981
  • The Department has Honest Stationary Corner which provides stationary supplement facility for everyone since 2017.
  • Teacher and students normally consult the departmental library, e-Books and digital notes which provides more than one source to widen their range of ideas, knowledge and helps to make proper notes.
  • Reading room facility is available in the departmental library which facilitates with a peaceful environment to concentrate and read.
  • The Department offers Remedial Classes from the year of establishment which focuses on clearing doubts of students and more practicing apart from the classroom. These classes takes place apart from the alloted period for the subject as per the requirement of the students. Students found it very beneficial to improve their weak areas in language, specially hindi medium students.
  • Also offers Career Guidance and Personal Counselling. Under this, the aim of the department is to maintain bond between teacher and students and also to help students wherever it is required. M.A. English is a desirable platform for budding teachers and professors. With gradual progress the demand for the subject also increased in ChhattisgarhC. Students seek guidance regarding other possible fields too besides teaching and also for further scopes in higher education. Guidance and councelling in such circumstances make them choose between their talents and demands. The major aim of Guidance and Counseling is to encourage students academic, social, emotional, psychological and personal development.
  • The department has Alumni Association which was established in year 2016. These organizations generally promote the interests of the department and the profession. Opportunities include social and networking contacts and career development. Mentoring programs are common. .It provides a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution, department and fellow graduates.
  • The Department conducts seminars/ paper presentation for PG students as assessment and to encourage self-learning ability.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in all co-curricular and extra- curricular activities. These activities can help them to expand social circle and also allow to pursue their interests. It allows students to explore strengths and talents outside of academics.
  • The Department has well-established English Language Lab.The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills.
Name of Student Exam Year of Exam
AJAY KUMAR PSC (Assistant Professor) 2021
RUPESH KUMAR PSC (Assistant Professor) 2021
  1. Department of English organized one-day Yoga Class for P.G. students. Students were instructed about Basic Yoga steps to keep themselves fit and concentrated.
  2. English Literary Society organized a Drama Competition on 24th October, 2017 at the college auditorium, the competition was among students of M.A. Previous and M.A. Final.
  3. English Literary Society organized a one day Inter-College Literary Competition for post graduation students under which four competitions were held :
    • Poetry Recitation Competition,
    • Short-Story Writing Competition,
    • Scavenger Hunt,
    • Quiz Competition on 9th February,2019.
  4. English Literary Society presented a drama at the college auditorium on 12th October,2019 . The drama chosen for presentation was “HAMLET” written by Shakespeare and performed by the students of M.A. Previous and M.A. Final. On the basis of their performances best actor/ actress and best supporting actors were also awarded.
  5. Department of English organized a Workshop on Mental Health and Counseling where Dr. Shama Hamdani addressed the Session.
  6. Workshop on Yoga and Meditation, Mr. Sandeep Gupta and Mr. Udhav Ram Sahu from Patanjali Yog Samiti, were the resource persons.
  7. IQAC & Department of English organised a Guest lecture delivered by Dr. Monika Singh on 29th September & 1st October, 2021 on the topics Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “Birches” respectively.
  8. Department organized 5-Days Workshop on Usage of ICT Tools and Public Speaking for the students of Post Graduation from 23rd November to 8th December,2021.
  9. English Literary Society organized “Story/ Poetry Recitation Competition” in Online mode on 15th January, 2022.
  10. Department of English with the co-ordination of IQAC, organised One Day Online Social Awareness Program on “Begging : A Social Evil” , where the resource person was Dr. K. N. Dinesh , H.O.D of Sociology Department, Kalyan P.G. College