Sadasya sahayata yojna was started in the year 1980 with the main objective of the welfare of the members of the college and to serve the humanity without any discrimination, to help every member who are in financial need. The members include teaching, non-teaching staff and members of management. The expenditure regarding this plan is supported by members and no other body is involved. This has been inspirational for nation as well as for entire Chhattisgarh.

At present there are 181 members in which 49 members are employee of college. There are 19 members from Chhattisgarh kalyan samiti, 27 members from Aheri Education College and seventy four other members .86 Members from community . At present the amount for this purpose has reached almost 13, 38,631Rs./- The members gets loan on only 1 % interest rate.

This has proved to be beneficial for the members and saves them form economic loss. Thus the members who are in urgent need of money can be benefited. Now the organizing committee has decided to give 5% profit to its members. The loan is granted for medical treatment of family members, higher education of children, renovation of house, purchasing of land, agricultural reason, and marriage of the members.

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