With the motive of prevention and use of various diseases through natural therapy, the center for Jawara Ras and sprouted refrains was established by kalyan P.G. College on 25th July 2007. The main aim behind it is to serve the society. This centre remains open from 6am in the morning till 1:30pm.

The benefits of Jawara Ras is well known as Green blood is well known   throughout the whole would. It has now been proved that Jawara Ras contains lots of properties in it It has vitamin A,B,C,E, Minerals, Nutrients, Chlorophyll and  digestive constituents. All these constituents helps to increase the immunity of person. Not only have these properties helped in prevention and cure of number of diseases and disorder including cardiac diseases and diabetes. 1litre of Jawara Ras contains nutrients of 24 kg of vegetables.

Thus keeping in view the benefits of Jawara Ras and sprouted grains kalyan P.G. college took on initiative to start a centre providing Jawara Ras and sprouted grains to the natives of bhilai and nearby areas. After all a  Healthy mind resides in a healthy Body.For the cultivation of wheat and other grains for Jawara Ras  is done in the area provided by the Kalyan P.G. College which is also created with the campus.The teaching, non teaching staff and community members are benefited through this centre. The rate is also reasonable so that maximum of persons can gain its benefits.

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